The City of Lights (COL) is a chapter of 10-10 International. 10-10 was started by a group of amateur radio operators (Hams)who were determined to keep the ten meter amateur radio band active at all times - particularly in periods of low sun spot activity when higher frequencies typically have less propagation. To support this effort, The City of Lights Chapter was formed in, and named for the motto of the city of Aurora Illinois *. Aurora is approximately 35 miles (58 KM) west of downtown Chicago Illinois, and was claimed to be the first city in the world to install electric lights to illuminate its city streets - hence "The City of Lights."

The City of Lights Chapter of 10-10 International holds weekly nets each Monday night (Chicago CST time):

At 8:00 PM at 28.150 MHz.  This is a CW Net.  The Morse Code speeds are moderate to slow, so most hams can join us.

At 8:30 PM at 28.720 MHz.  This is a SSB Net.  This phone net has never missed a Monday night in more than 42 years.

More information will be added to this site as time and skill allows; in the meantime, please join us on Monday nights.  We'll be there.

Chapter Head and Certificate manager:  Joe, NA9A (10-10 #31121, VP #1172, COL #630L)